NAMI believes in the holistic approach to education. Keeping this view in mind NAMI goes beyond education. A healthy body is a healthy mind. Facilities for sporting activities like Basketball, Gym, Table Tennis and Badminton all exist. The UON UK in its partnership has insisted that ECA (extra-curricular activities) be given special preference for an idle man’s mind is a devil’s workshop.


NAMI encourages the students to participate in outdoor activities with major institutes. We will also initiate programmes with NGO’s and INGO’s to facilitate the growth of the NAMI student while participating in different activities.


At NAMI you will earn more than just a degree

Counselling Support for Personal Development
Dedicated counseling support to meet the diverse needs of students for personal growth, including that of differenty-abled students.


Career Counselling Services
Career counselling services to explore diverse avenues for internship, future employment & career path identification.


Community Service Activities
As a partner of UON which is a AshokaU University, NAMI aims to offer opportunities to students to contribute to the overall social change & growth of Nepal by being involved in community service activities.


Sports Facilities
To ensure holistic development of students, NAMI offers a wide range of sports facilities:


  • Mini football ground
  • NBA size basketball court
  • Modern gymnasium
  • Badminton court
  • Indoor games
  • Locker rooms