Motivational Stories by Inspirational Leaders of Change

Starting tomorrow, June 30, 2024, NAMI is proud to launch a new monthly series featuring three motivational speakers from various walks of life.

Christmas Event, NAMI City Campus

We are delighted to share the tremendous success of the X-Mas Event , a culmination of festive cheer, laughter, and camaraderie, aimed to provide an unforgettable experience for both students and faculty. The venue was transformed into a festive wonderland, adorned with vibrant Christmas decorations, including two beautifully crafted trees made of cardboard boxes and paper.

Eco Club's Environment Day Program

NAMI Eco Club orchestrated a captivating Environment Day program that left a lasting impact on approximately 30 participants. The event, dedicated to fostering environmental awareness, featured a thought-provoking photo exhibition and an engaging photo contest centered around the theme of "Nature."

Unleashing Creativity: The Ultimate College Mascot Design Competition

NAMI organized a one-of-a-kind event, the Ultimate Mascot Design Competition from May 03 to May 11, 2023. Students across faculties unleashed their creativity, drawing inspiration from the college logo and Saraswati's swan symbol.

ELITE 2023

Elite 2023, an inter-college business competition was meticulously organized to showcase undergraduates' skills in finance, marketing, and management.

Panel Discussion on "Climate Change: Impacts and the Global Response"

We had insightful conversations on the urgent need for action and the collective efforts required to mitigate the devastating effects of climate change.

Welcome Undergrads Orientation 2022

NAMI welcomes the new batch of BSc. Computing, BSc. Environment Science, and BBA Management. The orientation was held at Diamond Hill Resort with a fun-packed orientation session, skillful activities, and a gaming session.

Triumph and Transition: NAMI's Grand Convocation Day 2022 at YAK & YETI Hotel

NAMI's Convocation held at the prestigious YAK & YETI Hotel, was a momentous occasion that celebrated the academic achievements of graduates from diverse disciplines. The grand event drew attention not only for the remarkable accomplishments of the graduating class but also for the presence of distinguished personalities from both NAMI and the esteemed University of Northampton.

Plantation program of ocassion of World Environment Day

NAMI College organized a Plantation program along with Nature Art Competition in collaboration with WCN (Wildlife Conservation Nepal) and Gokarneshwor Municipality on 5th June at NAMI premises.

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