Eco Club's Environment Day Program

Eco Club's Environment Day Program

On June 5th, the NAMI Eco Club orchestrated a captivating Environment Day program that left a lasting impact on approximately 30 participants. The event, dedicated to fostering environmental awareness, featured a thought-provoking photo exhibition and an engaging photo contest centered around the theme of "Nature."

The photo contest, a highlight of the day, saw participants showcasing their creativity and love for nature through captivating images. The winner was decided by an audience vote, adding an interactive element to the event. Attendees cast their votes, expressing appreciation for the most compelling portrayal of the theme.

The eco-conscious event served as a platform for both visual storytelling and community involvement. In addition to the visual arts, the event also offered a vibrant touch with face painting, allowing participants to express their eco-conscious spirit creatively. To stay updated on future eco initiatives and events, follow the NAMI Eco Club on Instagram at "@nami-eco". The Environment Day program by the NAMI Eco Club successfully combined art, awareness, and community engagement in celebration of our planet.

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