We NAMI (Naaya Aayam Multi-Disciplinary Institute) have arrived! New Era ….that is what NAMI is all about. Quote the Chair NAMI, Dr. Arzu Rana Deuba “NAMI is the realization of a dream to bring world class education to Nepal. This undertaking is a commitment to enable Nepal’s Youth to face global competition with confidence”, unquote.

NAMI is different… WE ARE THE FIRST Educational institute in Nepal to join hands with a UK University as a partner and provide Joint delivery in our daily academic delivery. The University of Northampton UK, has granted NAMI Institutional Approval and now have agreed to ensure two staff development training for the NAMI staff here at Jorpati, Nepal, to commence with. During this training period the UON UK staff will visit NAMI Jorpati Nepal and impart the UON UK way of functioning to the NAMI staff. Simultaneously with regard to lectures being delivered here at NAMI, the Head of Departments for both Computing and Environment Science will make three visits every academic year to:

  1. Interact with the lecturers here at NAMI
  2. Understand the socio cultural impact and its influence on the youth of Nepal.
  3. Interact with the NAMI students.
  4. In the intern year provide an interaction platform for the NAMI students with their senior counterparts in the UON UK.
  5. Understand and guide the lecturers at NAMI to ensure that quality delivery is made available to the students at NAMI.

NAMI is here to stay …………. NAMI has come. Join NAMI now to experience quality UK education at your doorstep!!!