Hiking Programme

On 14th April NAMI Eco-club successfully conducted "Hiking Program” from Suryabinayak to Ranikot. With an aim to observe the local biodiversity and reduce the monotony from regular class environment, 21 students backpacked to embark the journey. The way to Ranikot offered a bewitching sight of the magnificent mighty mountains and a birds eye view of Kathmandu valley. Surrounded by the gigantic hills blessed with evergreen under the clear blue sky, Ranikot was a feast for the eyes. One can truly get a chance to behold and differentiate the changing lifestyle of the urban city and rural as you start to hike up. The hiking surely examined everyone’s endurance, as we had to walk for whole 6 hours.

Event Details

  • Date 14 Apr 2016
  • Venue Suryabinayak to Ranikot.

Glimpse of the event