Project Nyano


The winter this year has been one of the coldest we have experienced, with temperatures dropping as low as 0 degree. This has been especially devastating to the victims of the recent earthquakes. The death toll from this cold has risen significantly. Project Nyano is a campaign the NAMI Social Welfare club has started with an aim to help these people. We believe that it is our responsibility as human beings, to help our fellow brethren in time of their need. With this campaign we aim to help the students of the Sri Seti Devi Pravi School, Manesara VDC, ward 2, Sang Bari, Sindhupalchowk. The aim of this project is to provide each student with warm clothes for the winter and provide each of these families with at least 1 blanket. Our goal in doing all this is to make the coming winter at least a little more comfortable for these children and their families. Also by just helping the students of a school we want to encourage more people to send their children to schools.


We have all been a witness to the devastation of the recent massive earthquakes on April 2015. It has left every one scarred mentally, emotionally and left many homeless. Although we in Kathmandu have been able to recover from this event, the people in the more rural areas have not. They do not have proper shelter to shield them from the elements and many have lost belonging including clothes to keep warm in the winter.

The ones who are affected most by these harsh conditions are the children living in such areas. We feel that we cannot stand by as these young innocent souls are suffering while we are all here in front of heaters, barely feeling the full extent of this winter.

The recent shortage of fuel supplies has also gravely halted the efforts to provide relief to these people. We as the youths of this country believe have a responsibility toward our countrymen and help our nation when it is at its weakest.


The main objective of this campaign is to provide the people in these places with:

  1. Warm clothes (jackets, sweaters, scarf, mufflers, socks, shoes, gloves, caps, tracksuits, etc.)
  2. At least 1 blanket per family
  3. Hot water bags
  4. Sleeping bags
  5. And all other related items provided in usable conditions

The exact number of students in this school:

  1. Class 1 – 21 students
  2. Class 2 – 9 students
  3. Class 3 – 6 students
  4. Class 4 – 8 students
  5. Class 5 – 8 students

We will be visiting this location on: 14th January 2016, Thursday

We want to make sure that each student gets

  1. 1 Muffler
  2. 1 Cap
  3. 1 pair of Gloves
  4. 1 Jacket
  5. 1 pant

We have already started collection of required items and are open to accept donations from anyone willing to participate in our cause.

Any provided funds will be used to purchase blankets, mufflers, caps and gloves.

Event Details

  • Date 14 Jan 2016
  • Venue Sindhupalchowk

Glimpse of the event