Innovative for Tomorrow - Enterpries Security Seminar

On 28th January 2015, Oracle Technology and World Distribution Network are jointly organizing Seminar on Innovative Tomorrow - Enterprise Security.

Competing in an increasingly dynamic and global economy organization need to focus on achieving market leadership keep up with changing consumer demands and transforming their enterprise with new emerging technology trends, enterprises are often left with little room for innovation.

NAMI following computing faculties and students are participating at this event to gain a better understanding of Oracle latest game -changing technologies. 


Mrs. Sangita Satyal Sangraula

Mr. Deepak Kumar Karna


1. Ankit Thapa

2. Anushuiya Thapa

3. Purushottam Pudasaini

4. Roshan Karki

5. Sauryadeep Dahal

6. Sharamsh Koirala

7. Shuvam Prasad Shrestha

8. Suman Dhungana



4:30 pm - Registration

5:00 pm - The modern platform for the modern business

5:45 pm - Embrace cloud with Database as a service

6:45 pm - Engineered System - The Backbone for cloud infrastructure 

7:30 pm - Don't secure Yourself out of Business - Deliver world-class Security for Your Cloud Data


Pls contact Ms. Sarita Pradhanang for any enquries and registration at 9851047694, 9801066770


Event Details

  • Date 27 Jan 2015
  • Venue Hotel Himalayan, Himalyan Hall, Pulchowk

Glimpse of the event