Guest Lecture by Ms. Rojina Manandhar

Ms. Rojina Manandhar (Programme Officer in the Adaptation Programme at the Secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in Germany) delivering a guest lecture to NAMI ENVT students and sharing her real world experiences about her work under the Nairobi Work Programme on Impacts, Vulnerability, and Adaptation to Climate Change and more recently the emerging work on the local communities and indigenous peoples platform.

A major part of her work covers the provision of information and knowledge on climate change impacts and vulnerability assessments, and adaptation planning and practices, as well as fostering collaborative partnerships with governments, experts and relevant organizations in scaling up adaptation action in countries at all levels.

Over the past twelve years, Ms. Manandhar has worked on the scientific, technical, and policy aspects of impacts, vulnerability, and adaptation to climate change, and in particular the science-policy-practice interface in South Asia, North America, and Europe.

She holds a BSc in Environmental Science from St Xavier's  College, Kathmandu University, Nepal; a Master of Environmental Management from Duke University, USA, under a Fulbright Scholarship; and MBA from the University of Twente, Netherlands.

Thank you Ms. Manandhar again for your valuable time availed to NAMI and NAMI students!

Event Details

  • Date 29 Nov 2017
  • Venue NAMI

Glimpse of the event