A team of Japanese experts on Japanese Garden Culture did a presentation at NAMI College.

The president of Kosugi Zohen Co. Ltd, Mr Saki Kosugi, a Gold Medalist in the 39th World Skills Competition, Shizuoka 2007 talked about Japanese Culture, and Garden/Landscaping Culture. He also showed the various projects that the company had completed a few years back in places such as Azerbaijan, Bahrain and others. As Mr Kosugi spoke in Japanese, Dr Andreas Hamacher, Landscape Architect of the same company translated into English. The presentation lasted for about an hour.


The team also consisted of Taketo Katsumata, Secretary and Member of the House of Councillors, and his son.


Mr Prakash Poudel was supporting the team in Nepal.


The CEO of NAMI presented the Token of Appreciation to Mr Saki Kosugi and Dr Andreas Hamacher. Simiarly, Token of Love were given to Mr Taketo Katsumata , his son and Prakash Poudel.


CEO, Mr Yog Raj gave a short Thank You to the visitors.


Event Details

  • Date 30 Aug 2017
  • Venue College

Glimpse of the event