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The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is an international qualification the degree provided by the University of Northampton at Naaya Aayam Multi-disciplinary Institute designed for aspiring managerial professionals.

This exclusive MBA curriculum is rigorous, contemporary, and avant-garde, that is designed to cultivate in the graduates, essential competencies like Communication Proficiency, Creativity Flair, Leadership Traits, Emotional Intelligence, Team Working Aptitude, Time Management Expertise, Organizational Abilities, Analytical Reasoning Skills, and Prophetic Dexterity, that global employers expect from prospective business executives and leaders.

The programme especially focuses on developing the students by giving them opportunities to enhance their management and leadership skills so that they can adapt in the corporate world tactfully. Besides that, we also furnish them with adequate workshops and training programs that help them draw parallels between the academic theories and concepts to address real-life business problems. These programs asses them in personality development, enhancing their communicative skills and also build their creative and critical thinking.

The line of polarity in terms of modules, modules delivery, resources, pedagogical strategies, examinations are between the UON, UK and NAMI is another fascinating asset for students. A regular visit paid by UON’s professors, scheduled interaction sessions with our faculties and students, joint class delivery system are few other unique academic strengths added to the MBA program.



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