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The Bachelor of Environmental Science is a three-year graduate degree that combines the aspects of ecology and physical science to evaluate environmental issues and propose appropriate solutions. In affiliation with the University of Northampton, these three years will help the students to gain in-depth knowledge in all the important sectors of environmental science and to recognize its relevance to society at national and global levels.

The students will undertake a wide variety of activities and encounter new challenges that help support theoretical learning.The need for accuracy, critical evaluation, and the ability to research solutions and apply them in new ways, as well as being to communicate findings to a variety of audiences, are vital skills for environmental scientists.

The students will examine research design and methodology in relation to field and laboratory work including data collection and qualitative analysis techniques. Statistical tools are used and developed throughout the course to ensure the students’ confidence to apply appropriate procedures for different sets of data. This course also has field and lab activities to ensure that the students develop a range of scientific concepts and theories.


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BSc (Hons) Environmental Science
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