NAMI in 2021: A Guide to Guardians

As a parent/guardian, it is totally valid to get concerned about the college your child wants to get enrolled specially, in a Post-COVID-19 world like this. Now as a guardian, you will not have to question the academic reliability of the institution amid theongoing epidemic.

NAMI alsoensures the needed protection for your child in our premises with regards to the COVID-19 by following the guidelines we made for the safety of our students as well as the staffs and for you too. Academically, we have only gotten better, and we are working our best to be the best in all the other sectors too. For the guardians who wish to tutor their children home, we are providing our courses with e-learning facilities with online classes through social media applications.

We also provide full course guidance and entrance preparations for different disciplines from our partnership with SATSOM. By registering through NAMI, one can get access to all the notes and lecture slides so you can never miss out on regular classes and revisit what was taught at any given time.

With NAMI, you need not worry about anything as we are one of the safest hands you can leave your child’s trust with. We provide a bunch of different bachelors/+2 degrees so depending upon your child’s will and interest, they can enroll In any one of our provided courses. No discipline we have are lacking any resources that the other program might have. All of our students are NAMI students no matter the course they wish to partake in. If you’re one of the interested student/ guardian, feel free to visit our college premise in workdays or if you wish to know more, read the other articles listen in the NAMI website.