Best IT College in Nepal, post covid.

During this pandemic, a lot has changed in the schooling system around the globe. Schools and colleges began conducting regular classes via the internet using video conferencing applications. But as things are starting to get normalized, colleges are about to begin physical classes. So it might be tough for a student to choose a college with not only quality way of education but also the best ways college is handling the situation of virus outbreak among students and faculties. NAMI might be the best college for your +2 and bachelor's degree considering the state we are in right now.

  1. British degree with a reputed source- NaayaAayam Multi-Disciplinary Institute (NAMI) is a college with a British degree affiliated with the University of Northhampton which is located in the United Kingdom. The importance of a British Degree is significantly multiplied in the post-covid market, people are looking for accessible foreign degree to value their education and boost their global career. Proven track records of NAMI students and their global placements in recent years have made NAMI as the top priority for students and parents. 


  1. Multiple disciplines for your desired choice- NAMIcollege provides a chance for students to follow the degree that they want from IT to environmental science. Some of the courses are:

-      Bachelors of Business Administration 

-      Computing 

-      Software Engineering

-      Computer Networks Engineering 

-      Environmental Science

-      Master of Business Administration


  1. Infection Risk Minimization- Nami College is not only the best for its education qualifications but also best for maintaining low health risk for students and faculties in this post covid world. Regular usage of sanitizer, mandatory mask, and the post-covid seat arrangement duly minimizes the infection risk. Spacious premises and wide classes make it easier and plausible to obtain maximum distance between students. Nami follows universal entry scanning protocol, anyone gets scanned (Thermal gun) and mandatory mask, hand sanitizer before entering NAMI premises. 


  1. E-learning- Nami college focuses on online classes and ways to make it more efficient for both students and teachers side by side. NAMI with its team is trying new and fun ways for students to get the best out of an online class. Following the global standard teaching protocol, NAMI delivers a blend of Conceptual Understanding and interaction, Test Taking and instant results, and Personal learning analytics through its e-learning system. 

Unlike other colleges, NAMI aspirants can easily access digital lecture notes, video lectures, MOCK exams and instant results, time reports, and analytics at any given point of time. NAMI best compliments its physical classes through online education. 




  1. Updated code of conduct: NAMIcollege will have updated its code of conduct for students and teachers in the post-covid world. Sanitizers and hand wash will be placed around the campus and students will be encouraged to bring their own. No faculty will be able to enter the college premises without a mask and an unwell student will not go unnoticed. Financial Aid will also be applied to students who have lost financial stability during the virus outbreak.  


For those, who are looking for the best college to ensure their quality education and global career.NAMI is an indispensable option, you are welcome.