04 Jul 2019



Are you interested to work in Japan? Are you job hunting? Are you a fresh IT graduate? Each year there are thousands of students that graduate and enter the job market. But seeking jobs and getting employed isn’t easy as there is fierce competition to grab that one spot in the market. But every now and then, an opportunity arises and that time is now!


NAMI College is holding a Job Fair in partnership with Human Resocia, one of the Japanese HR outsourcing companies on 18th July 2019 starting from 10 AM at NAMI College itself. This is an opportunity where your professionalism can shine and you are one step away close to following your career and aspirations.


Human Resocia is a member of the Human Group and develops talent that can actively serve the society. They deliver environment support for IT engineers around the world to build experience and career with Japanese companies and their advanced technologies. The organization supports global development of business by recruiting local and international talents, Japanese language education, and training for overseas assignees and support for the study of various languages. You can find more about what Human Resocia is and does here:



 This Job fair is a great opportunity to speak with potential employers, register for jobs, collect information about different companies and ask any questions related to the job. Here’s why you should attend this event.


·     Speak directly with the people from Human Resocia, who is in charge of HR.

·     Apply to several vacancies on the day for different companies.

·     Familiarize yourself with the current scenario of the Japanese IT industry.

·     Get acquainted with the Japanese market requirements for getting a job.

·     You can learn about new opportunities in areas you’ve never considered.

·     Talk about training and apprenticeships with the employers.

·     You can get the opportunity to grow your network.

·     Enhance your communication skills and your interview technique.


Conditions for Application:


·     You are eligible to apply for the job only if you have a Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in Computer Science.

·     Those who do not meet the qualifications can feel free to enquire and understand about the jobs and operations at the Job Fair.


If you’re interested, then it is a good idea that you bring an up to date copies of your CV and academic certificates with you. It is your chance to build confidence and get comfortable to talk with them.


This Job Fair is open for both NAMI students as well as interested students from other institutions who meet the qualifications criteria.  


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