Guest Lecture on 2nd June 2015 by Dr. Toyohiro Watanabe

02 Jun 2015


Prof. Toyohiro Watanabe to talk about his experience and the positive change he is able to bring in a Japanese community.

Guest Lecturer

Venue: Room 103, NAMI
Time and Date: 8 am- 9 am,Tuesday, 2nd June 2015. 

Toyohiro Watanabe, who holds a Doctrate in Agriculture, was born in 1950. After graduating from the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, he started working for the Shizuoka prefectural office. In 2008 he became a professor in the Department of Sociology at Tsuru University. There he facilitates civic action discussion amongst students on topics such as business environmental restoration, and community revitalization, as well as teaching a course specifically focused on Mt. Fuji. Having a strong connection to Mt. Fuji, both personally and professionally, Dr. Watanabe spearheaded the creation of 4 NPOs directed towards regional development and waterside regeneration which are leaps and bounds ahead of similar efforts in the country. Known as an implementer of urban and neighborhood development, Dr. Watanabe uses his unique skill set and strong passion for his work to implement, initiate and empower positive change and community cooperation.

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