College Administration

The college’s highest governing body is the Board of Directors followed by Management and Academic Team.

Board of Directors

The college highest governing body is the Board of Directors, which has final authority over the affairs of the college.

Many of us are familiar with the Board of Directors of NAMI. It is led by a charismatic, understanding woman of substance Dr. Arzu Rana Deuba. She is supported by Capt. Rameshwar Thapa a gentleman who is trusted by the public in his field of activity in Banking, Real Estate, Media and Aviation. Mrs. Rajju Malla Dhakal with her international experience and a Harvard degree has brought about a change in the policy and administrative functioning in Nepal and now at NAMI. Mrs. Uma Shah, a social change maker who has contributed to the development of the underprivileged woman of Nepal and is also the founder board member of SAATHI. Mrs. Soni Joshi a lady with tremendous consistency and clarity, who is already known in the social field as the President of ASMAN. Last but not the least Mr. Suresh Ghimire a businessman with an Engineering background.

Academic Team

The academic team is the team of faculties from NAMI and the UN.

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