The vison, mission and objectives of NAMI will be fulfilled by the NAMI team when dealing with the students academically. To begin with NAMI offers BSc (Hons) Computing and Bsc (Hons) Environmental Science a four year course, a joint delivery programme in partnership with the UN UK. This is to be followed with BBA / MBA/ MSc Computing and Environmental Science by 2015.

Academically: NAMI and its academic team will ensure that the child studying in NAMI stand out in its field of activities. Academically, he/ she will be an individual when they pass out from NAMI whose employability and sale ability is guaranteed.

Socially: NAMI ensures that his/her student becomes a responsible citizen. Responsible to his/her parents, to its immediate society thereby contributing to the progressive development of Nepal.

Politically: A determined, conscientious, magnanimous leader for tomorrows Nepal.

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