BSc(Hons) Environmental Science in Climate Change

Why study BSc(Hons) Environmental Science in Climate Change?

People who want to make a contribution to the future management of natural resources and ensure that our climate is not adversely affected for the generations to come are invited to apply for this specialist course. Climate change is a global issue and is receiving more attention now than ever before. In this course you will learn about the wide reaching influences affecting the environment and the role that individuals and governments will have to play in the future, as well as the contribution that you may be able to make to approaching advances and improvements.

This programme initially covers a broad range of topics exploring a range of fundamental principles and techniques necessary for the study of environmental sciences. This means that you are able to relate the impact of climate change to wider environmental influences and issues. The course offers various opportunities for fieldwork throughout, and may include a residential trip in Stage two. You are able to choose modules that allow you to undertake more or less fieldwork depending on your preferences.

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