Why study +2?

With State of the art infrastructure and a complete learning environment focused, NAMI +2 aims at creating a strong foundation of academic excellence. With one vision to ensure student success, NAMI’s expertise academic and management team are focused on each individual’s growth and capacity enhancement. At NAMI we have teachers and students fueled by curiosity and fertile imagination, collaborated to help solve the challenges of today and tomorrow.

+2 license under Aksharica School, Gothatar

Beyond Academics You will earn more than just a degree at NAMI. Our mission is to help every students have the best possible college experience.

  • Career Counselling Services
  • Placement and Internships
  • Community Service Activities
  • Societies and Clubs
  • Extracurricular Activity Club

Accommodation (Safe, Secure Campus with world Class Facilities)
 On-campus accommodation is safe, modern and affordable.


NAMI offers effective transportation service to the students requiring transportation service to and from home at reasonable cost.
Our students are picked up and dropped off from our designated pick up points in Kathmandu.

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