GCE A Level Programme

Why study GCE A Level Programme?

NAMI College produces potential students/graduates who are equipped with knowledge and skills in varied areas which enable them to have a sound understanding of the present scenario. 

  • Hands-On-Learning Experience: Students are exposed to hands-on training via different social service/community service programmes where they get an opportunity to work as volunteers which enable them to develop their leadership, team-building, presentation and communication skills. NAMI endeavours to include practical experiences in every programme it offers. Development of these soft-skills and hands-on-training experiences able them to further their studies locally or abroad. Most of our students have successfully joined their higher studies in Australia, U.S., U.K., India, Nepal etc. 
  • Workshops/Trainings/Seminars: NAMI offers opportunities for building the self-confidence and enhancing the creativity of individuals which prepare students for professional practice in an era of rapidly advancing technology. Our faculties are actively involved in the organization of activities that range from learning experiences to conducting various seminars and workshops by local international speakers of high caliber who discuss various issues related to the real world. MUN (Model United Nations) Conference, various career counseling talks, excursions, hiking, social camps, international education trips etc. are intrinsic part of providing skill-based knowledge to students at NAMI.  These activities are organized time and again to motivate the students and to provide them a platform for interaction between the academia and the real-world while facilitating an active and up-to-date learning experience for the students.
  • Quarterly Parents/Teacher Meetings and Workshops: Parent/Teacher meetings and workshop are organized time-to time which serves as an excellent platform to keep abreast of a student’s academic progress at NAMI. Parent-Teacher association is a key factor in the academic excellence of a student. Parent/Teacher meetings and workshops are organized where parents are invited to meet with the student’s lecturers and academic staff to discuss their academic performance and explore ways to enhance it.
  • Advising and Psychological Counseling Programmes: These programmes effectively support students to form social bonds and help them to become part of the NAMI family. These social bonds are invaluable and provide a significant part of the support a student receives during their journey at NAMI. 

NAMI is mainly focused on excellence with impact ensuring quality education and producing potential graduates having the core skills of 21st century graduates who are globally competitive and have the capability of carving their own niche. NAMI is privileged to be supported by comprehensive infrastructure and a dedicated team of lecturers and staffs, where students can look forward to a holistic learning experience which ensures their all-round development giving due importance to academics as well as extra-curricular activities that will enable our students to excel in any environment anywhere in the world.

Key Highlights of NAMI A-Level:

  • Extra-Curricular Activities:
  • International Educational Tour was conducted from 6th February-11th February 2019 at Dubai.
                                            -Hiking in Shivpuri National Park
                                            -Industrial Visit to DDC (Dairy Development Corporation, Nepal)
                                            -Visit to Old age home (Pashupati Bridhashram)
                                            -Visit to Orphanage 
                                            -Visit to Sungava Downs’ syndrome girl’s home  
                                            -Visit to National Museum
  • NAMI organized NAMI MODEL UNITED NATIONS 2018 (NMUN-2018) conference in collaboration with the House of Youth Dialogue (HYD) Bangladesh.
  • Social camp was conducted for three days for the AS students at Janajagriti Public School, Sindhupalchok 
  • A Level career counseling programme was conducted by Asian Pacific University in collaboration with Alfa-Beta.
  • Participation of A-Level students in the Zonta Club Rally organized at Hotel Annapurna Durbar Marg.
  • Annual A-Level Magazine Publication: Gearing up for the publication of Annual A-Level Magazine publication at the initiation of our A-Level students.
  • Recent Achievements of NAMIANS in Inter-collegiate competitions: 
-First position in basketball (Girls’ team), paint-ball and Extempore Speech organized by Saipal Academy
-Second position in basketball (Boys’ team) organized by Saipal Academy
-Second position in basketball (Boys’ team) in the inter-collegiate competition organized by NAMI
-Semi-finalist in the Budhanilkantha football tournament and Quiz Contest at Alfa beta.
-First position in basketball (Girls’ team), paint-ball and Extempore Speech organized by Malpi Institute

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