BSc (Hons) Environmental Science

Why study BSc (Hons) Environmental Science?

People who are interested in environmental science and recognise its relevance to society at local, national and global levels are invited to apply for this multidisciplinary programme. Environmental science is a global issue, receiving more attention now than ever before and is going to increase in importance in the future. In this course you will learn about the wide reaching influences affecting the environment and the role that individuals and governments will have to play in the future, as well as the contribution that you may be able to make to approaching advances.

This programme initially covers a broad variety of topics covering a range of environmental aspects including biodiversity, ecology, physical geography principles and the subject of wastes as an environmental issue. You are then able to specialise in 2nd year, consequently you do not need to know what area of environmental science that you would like to study before you arrive. The course offers various opportunities for fieldwork throughout and may include a residential trip in 2nd year. You are able to choose modules that allow you to undertake more or less fieldwork depending on your preferences.

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