BSc (Hons) Computing

Why study BSc (Hons) Computing?

People who are keen to study a broad range of computing ideas and develop innovative solutions to problems or improvements to current situations are invited to apply for this diverse degree programme. The computing industry is continually growing and is integral to people's daily lives and businesses. In this course you will investigate the wide reaching influences that computers and computing technology have on the world, as well as the contribution you may be able to make to future advances.

This programme initially covers a range of fundamental principles pertinent to computer technology and its use throughout the world. As this course introduces all aspects of computing during Stage one, you do not need to know what area of computing you want to specialise in before you arrive. Indeed, many of our students choose to continue studying multiple computing disciplines throughout the course, thus maintaining flexibility for their future career options.


Duration: 4 Years (Including 1 Year Placement)

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