Confirm that you want to receive degrees and attend classes at NAMI

NAMI is being developed as Nepal’s premium Educational Institution in partnership with the University of Northampton (UN), United Kingdom. Studying at NAMI will give you the opportunity to develop a valuable network of friendships and contacts. High quality academic teaching, outstanding resources and facilities help you to fulfill your academic potential. A friendly, supportive learning environment helps you gain the maximum benefit from your time with us. 

The A Level programme begins on July, Bachelor programme,on September and Masters Degree, on January respectively. Classes are held five days per week, Monday through Friday.

You must pay for the entire year fee. Yearly costs must be deposited in the College's bank account maintained at Sanima Bank. Your study visa will be valid upto the end of the year for which you register.

Bank Account 
Below mentioned is the bank details for your information:

Naaya Aayam Multi-Disciplinary Institute (NAMI) 
Sanima Bank Ltd.
Naxal, Kathmandu 
Account No.: 0010001010406 
Swift Code: SNMANPKA 

The staffs at NAMI are pally and amicable, and they speak excellent English. They walk you through the process and make things easy to get the visa. Once you hand over all the required documents and fees, you will be availed with your visa within three week.

Get in touch

For more information about applying to NAMI as an international student, please contact the International Office Team:

Phone: +977-9860182575



Accumulating Required Documents

One you decide and confirm to join NAMI, you will need to accumulate all of the necessary documents. The basic set of document requirements for receiving Visa includes:

A) Application form from NAMI that you plan to attend.
B) 4 copies of current valid passport
C) 4 copies of current valid visa
D) 2 passport-size recent photos
E) 1 copy of a "No Objection" letter from the embassy.
F) Copies of transcripts of your degree you have been entitled
G) 4 copies of bank statement from a local bank in Nepal (bank balance statement to ensure your financial back up required whilst you are in Nepal deposited in a local bank account in Nepal)

Note: NAMI requires a balance of at least US$1,000 for six months of courses and $2,500 for 12 months.

Pick up Ministry of Education Letter

After you submit all of your papers and fees, the NAMI College will process your application and obtain a letter from the Ministry of Education that recommends you for a student visa. The College notifies you when your letter is ready to be picked up at the college within a week time from document procession.

Go to the Department of Immigration to Obtain Visa

Once you receive the official letter from the Ministry of Education, you can take that letter, along with your passport, passport photos, and all supporting documentation (see Step 2 above) to the Department of Immigration to fill out a visa application form and pay for the visa itself. You will pay upfront for all months requested, and you can pay in rupees. The cost differs for single-entry and multiple-entry visas, but we always recommend for a multiple-entry visa as a precautionary measure. You can read more about student visas in the Department of Immigration's website.

The Department of Immigration may be able to process your visa on the same day, but it is more likely that you will submit your application and fee and then have to visit again the next day to pick it up.

Few Important Points to Note

For opening a bank account in Nepal on a tourist visa, you may need a "No Objection" letter from your embassy.

NAMI College is particular about attendance, demanding 80 percent attendance to pass the course. Of course, you will receive your visa before your course begins. On the other hand, if you fail to show your commitment to the expected length for class, the college is likely to take note and refuse to enroll you in the future.

The process looks complicated and a little time taking, but it assuages your comfortable stay.

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